April 25, 2012

What's up, Ombré!

Unless you are living on another planet, Ombré is everywhere.  From hair, eyes and even nails....there is no escaping!  So, it was only a matter of time before this trend made it the the lips.  What is Ombré (you might ask)?  Ombré is French for an effect with a gradual colour transition, usually from light to dark.  For example, with hair, the ends are deliberately lighter than the roots....in a good way.  lol  It is completely different from the look of a dye-job "regrowth" which is just dreadful!  But unlike fashion and hair, when you apply this concept to makeup, it's all about color choices and shading which usually creates a 3-D effect making lips look fuller.

Here's what you'll need:

Find two contrasting colors that are in the same family.  To achieve this effect, one will obviously need to be lighter than the other.

Tip:  It is better to use fairly opaque lip colours for this effect because you want to get enough coverage both with the first dark layer, and then again with the light layer on top.
Once you have picked your color choices, fill your entire lip with the darker shade.  Matte finishes generally work best, so try a matte lipstick or lip liner.  When using matte lipsticks, it is very important that your lips are in the best condition possible and not chapped.  Make sure to condition them, beforehand!

Photo courtesy of Makeup and Macarrons

Next, you will add the lighter shade in the center of your lips for a pop of color.  You can apply straight from the tube, with a lip brush or even with your fingers.  Whichever works best for you!  The lighter shade can be a matte finish, as well.  But you can absolutely use a shimmer or slightly metallic finish.  I find that the latter adds even more dimension, making lips look fuller and bigger.  Once you have applied the lighter shade, blend it into the darker shade.  Be careful to leave the edges darker than the middle.  And it's probably a good idea not to press your lips together too much or else you may lose the Ombré effect that you are trying to achieve.

Photo courtesy of Makeup and Macarrons

Adding a clear lip gloss for more of a modern edge, is completely optional and a matter of choice.  Remember that matte lipsticks can make your lips feel a little dry.

Photo courtesy of Makeup and Macarrons

What do you think...Are you a fan??



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